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A team building day consisting of various physical and mental team challenges as well as walking and orienteering across Ilkley Moor, covering approximately 6 miles. You can see the invitation that was sent for this event below.


Team building outdoors

Challenge the participants in an outdoor environment taking them out of their comfort zone and challenging their thinking

Have loads of fun


This team building day took place across Ilkley Moor.

Event Invitation

The event will be structured so that it is “competitive” with team sizes of 4 or 5. I would suggest a maximum of 4 teams of 5 so 20 people.

The agenda for the day would look something like this:

  • 0900 - Meet at the Cow and Calf Car Park
  • 0915 – Briefing
  • 0930 – Start event – some teams will start on team tasks some will start walking and orienteering
  • 1030 – Teams who started on tasks will start on the walking and orienteering
  • 1230 – Teams who started walking and orienteering will start their tasks
  • 1330 – All teams back for lunch at the Cow and Calf Inn
  • 1430 - Depart

Extreme Energy have organised for companies and charities several outdoor “team building” activity days.

Please join us for a fun, challenging outdoor day on Ilkley Moor. The day will be run by ex British Army Officer Neil Thubron. Your thinking will be challenged, you will take part in team building tasks and will explore Ilkley Moor orienteering on foot. The day will start at 0900 and will conclude with lunch at 1330 in a local restaurant.


Thanks very much from myself and all the team for a great day team building on Ilkley Moor. I know everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and that we are as a result a closer knit entity.

Just to say thank you for the fantastic event you organised yesterday in Wendover Woods yesterday. We both had such a great time and didn't come home completely covered in mud as we thought we would be. Hope you decide to do it again next year.

It was a great experience and I was full of energy and enthusiasm as we started. We had loads of fun and came second. It was a memorable day and I recommend it.

Heidi Bevan (10)

We wanted to organise some customer events that were different from the usual eating and drinking. Extreme Energy organised a fantastic mountain biking event for us over two days in the Chiltern Hills. With a mix of trail lengths,, orienteering, and downhill thrills there was a challenge for everyone, whilst staying within safe bounds. The organisation was superb, including guiding, technical and medical back up and just general encouragement. We know that the standard of professionalism reflects back on to us as the hosts, and we were delighted with our customer’s feedback.

Bob Falconer, CEO, Gamma

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