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The objective of this event was to test the team's abilities to work in a team in various different physical and mental situations. Below you can view the instructions that were sent to the team ahead of the event.

Joining Instructions

You will be taking part in a 2 day team event.

MI5 the Security Services are looking to recruit business men and women to work as a “sleeper” network of operatives that will be available to be called up at a moments notice.

The objective of the 2 days will be to test your abilities to work in a team of your colleagues in various different physical and mental situations that will be relevant to your role as an operative within the Security Services.

These tasks will be challenging, fun and educational to help you develop and test your skills.

As a team you will be working in a competitive environment to beat the other team.

From the moment you arrive at the event through to when you leave you will have the opportunity to earn or lose points for your team.

Throughout the 2 days there will be many different types of challenges. You are encouraged to take part with your team in all the tasks although non are compulsory.


The environment you will be working in will be outdoor and indoors, on and off the ground !

The terrain contains open fields, forests and open woodland. The area is very undulating. It will be firm underfoot on chalky, stoney trails, although if it rains then ground will get muddy.

There are various minor roads that you will need to walk along or cross.


The long range forecast is for fine clear weather with temperatures around 19 degrees C.


There is an increased risk to the UK of terrorist attacks from extremist groups, especially in the light of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

For many years the Security Services have recruited captains of industry to support their fight against those that would harm the UK.

With the current financial situation MI5 cannot afford to hire full time staff and want to develop a network of “sleeper” operatives that could be called upon as they travel the UK or abroad to carry out certain tasks.

Your boss has decided that as a leadership team you are perfect candidates for this programme.

The events that you will take part in over the 2 days will test your suitability for this role as an individual or as part of a team.



The basic outline for the 2 days:

Day 1:

  • 0900 – arrive at hotel
  • 0930 – briefing
  • 0945 – depart for first task
  • 1800 – return to hotel to change for dinner
  • 1900 – dinner

Day 2:

  • 0700 – first task
  • 1500 – final debriefs
  • 1600 – depart


Pendley Manor Hotel
Cow Lane
HP23 5QY

Tasks that may be completed during the selection

  • Blindfolded drop into unknown location - objective to find out where you are, get to various points enroute, meet agents and visit dead letter boxes
  • Confidence course
  • Medical evacuation
  • Resistance to interrogation
  • Planning deliberate action on an objective
  • Night recon exercise or retrieval exercise
  • Self defence training
  • Teamwork exercises
  • Casino skills

Kit required

Outdoor clothing:

  • Sturdy shoes for walking and outdoor activities
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Comfortable clothing (ideally no jeans, they are hopeless when wet)
  • Fleece / warm sweat shirt
  • Hat / gloves if the weather is cold
  • Shorts (in case of warm weather)
  • Change of clothing incase you get wet

You will also need a set of sports kit:

  • Shorts
  • T shirt
  • Tracksuit
  • Trainers

Clothing for indoor activities:

  • Comfortable loose fitting clothing
  • T shirt
  • Track suit bottoms
  • Indoor trainers

Evening clothing:

  • Black tie for dinner
  • Evening dresses
  • Casual clothing to change into for relaxation (what little you will have !)

Special Information

Please let the organisers of the event know of any dietary requirements or specific medical conditions you have that may be relevant for this event.


Thanks very much from myself and all the team for a great day team building on Ilkley Moor. I know everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and that we are as a result a closer knit entity.

Just to say thank you for the fantastic event you organised yesterday in Wendover Woods yesterday. We both had such a great time and didn't come home completely covered in mud as we thought we would be. Hope you decide to do it again next year.

It was a great experience and I was full of energy and enthusiasm as we started. We had loads of fun and came second. It was a memorable day and I recommend it.

Heidi Bevan (10)

We wanted to organise some customer events that were different from the usual eating and drinking. Extreme Energy organised a fantastic mountain biking event for us over two days in the Chiltern Hills. With a mix of trail lengths,, orienteering, and downhill thrills there was a challenge for everyone, whilst staying within safe bounds. The organisation was superb, including guiding, technical and medical back up and just general encouragement. We know that the standard of professionalism reflects back on to us as the hosts, and we were delighted with our customer’s feedback.

Bob Falconer, CEO, Gamma

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