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XNRG is registered with SheRACES as an organisation that is keen to encourage female participation and make it easier for ladies to enter. We want to make sure all our events are fully inclusive and that all female participants feel comfortable, safe and welcome.

These are the measures we have taken, or are in the process of taking, to meet this commitment. If you have any suggestions on how we could make our events more inclusive, please email us.

Support for female participants

First impressions

We understand that promote inclusivity, people must see images that reflect themselves and all our runners equally, whatever their sex, colour or age. This is shared across all the events, information pages and results.

Start line

We are always reviewing our start system to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and are not intimidated by the faster runners or slowed by the participants who are not racing.

Cut offs

We don’t have any, because we believe every person, no matter who they are, should be given the time and opportunity to finish our challenges.


Our starts and finishes always have toilets available to runners. We are also planning on providing information on public toilets en route by giving out locations using What3Words to anyone who would like them.


We will supply feminine hygiene products at all checkpoints and event HQ. We will also provide a pop-up tent at a selection of checkpoints for anyone who wishes to use them.

Feeling Safe

We are planning on offering a tracker option that people could rent so that they feel safe knowing that we know where they are. We don’t have many night time sections, so this would mainly be for the remote sections of the Ridgeway and North Downs Way. All our routes are safe trails, within the range that any trail running can be.


All our events have a 100% refund and/or deferral policy for pregnant and post-partum runners. We want you to know that should you become pregnant after you have entered an event, you won’t be at a disadvantage because of this and you can choose to make a refund or we can offer an extended deferral period of up to 2 years.


We try our best to make sure that in our race descriptions, the slowest runners and walkers are made to feel as welcome as the fastest runners.


There are women in each aid station volunteer team.


If you are breast feeding, or need to express, whether you are a participant or volunteer, we want to ensure you feel comfortable doing so. We ask that you email us to discuss what you need in advance so that we can arrange it.


If you feel that you have in anyway been discriminated against, either by another participant, or a member of our team, we want you to know that we will investigate any issue with discretion and in a timely manner.


All our medals and prizes are the same regardless of who wins them.

T Shirts

We offer the option to have a t shirt or to plant a tree with Trees not Tees. Should you choose a t shirt, we offer female specific fit t shirts.

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