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Free coaching webinars!

We are delighted to bring you a series of free webinars hosted by the XNRG coaches! Each of our coaches will be talking about a different training subject. The sessions will be available to watch afterwards too but if you are able to join live, you will have the option to join in a question and answer session at the end of each webinar.

Ultra Running Success is 80% mental: 20% physical so how do you develop your mental strength?
Neil Thubron

Neil Thubron


In this seminar XNRG Founder and Author of Yucan: Achieve any big goal using the 7P formula for success, Neil Thubron, will share with you the strategies he has learned to develop mental strength for big ultra challenges like the Marathon Des Sables, Grand2Grand, UTMB and Yukon Arctic Ultra to mention a few.

In this webinar you will learn:
• Strategies to build and strengthen your mind set during training
• Developing a winning mindset so that when you step over the start line it is a MUST not a MIGHT
• Strategies for dealing with the hard times when they come in a long event
• Strengthening your mindset when you cross the finish line to get you ready for the next big challenge

Fuelling for an ultra: Secrets, science, hints and tips
Nathan Montague

Nathan Montague

Here Coach, International Ultra-runner, and Race Course Director Nathan Montague discusses:
• What are the fuelling demands of Ultra running?
• 'Its all just tempered buffet': What could I try?
• Recover like a champ

Link to watch recording coming soon
"Making molehills out of mountains" - Preparing for mountain races
Nathan Montague

Nathan Montague

Here Coach, International Ultra-runner, and Race Course Director Nathan Montague discusses:
• What are the fuelling demands of Ultra running?
• 'Its all just tempered buffet': What could I try?
• Recover like a champ

Link to watch recording coming soon
All things training and science
James Hatton

James Hatton

Join us for this episode to learn more about how you are training and how to get the best bang for your buck. Learn more about what training zones are and how these might change depending on the vert. Find out why you see the pros do the things they do and how you can maximize your own build up to race day.

Link to watch recording coming soon
Optimise your performance in the heat
Andy Stewart

Andy Stewart

What I wish I'd known beforehand if I was to do the event again. What the body is doing. How to achieve physiological changes prior to the event.

Link to watch recording coming soon
Understanding race day demands
James Hatton

James Hatton

Join us to learn more about the details you need for your next event. We will talk specifics working backwards from race day and how to include those detailed parts into your most successful training plan to date.

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Ultra running hydration
Precision Fuel & Hydration

Abby Coleman

In this amazing webinar Abby Coleman - Sports Scientist, takes us through everything an ultra runner needs to know about hydrating and fuelling their body in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

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XNRG Coaching

Complete package

from start line to finish line

Coaching calls

at least 8x45 minute 1:1 calls over a three month period

1:1 coaching
Group coaching

We focus on getting you to the start line healthy, race-ready and with a plan to enjoy the experience and get the result you want.

Our coaches can help you get more from your training and racing - whatever your level.

Why hire a coach?

You have a big goal you want to achieve but not sure how to get there - like your 1st ultra, your 1st 100-miler, the Marathon Des Sables, the UTMB, or something else...

You're stuck...

You're stuck...

You're just starting out...

You're just starting out...

You're cruising and feel bored...

You're cruising and feel bored...

You want to make a breakthrough...

You want to make a breakthrough...

You hire a coach because you want to go places - and you know it'll be easier, faster (and more fun) with help and support.

You hire a coach because you want to go places - and you know it'll be easier, faster (and more fun) with help and support.

XNRG Ultra Running Coaching

Simply put, hiring a coach will give you the best chance of achieving your big goals.

XNRG ultra coaching has been developed to enable more people to achieve their ultra running dreams. We'll work with you on much more than a tailored training programme. As well as the physical preparation, we'll also use XNRG founder Neil Thubron's 7P formula for achieving any big goal - something he developed after winning the 300-mile Yukon Arctic Ultra.

7P formula

7P formula


be clear on your reasons why


specific and thorough preparation


build a detailed plan to get you to the start line, and a strategy for the event


the commitment you will make to yourself


strategies for adapting the plan during the race


pre-planned tactics for handling the tough times


keeping focused on the end goal

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Why an XNRG coach?

Our coaches have one goal: to work with you to help you achieve your ultra running dream.

UKA Qualified

Our coaches are UKA qualified and have been through XNRG Coach Training. The training takes them through the XNRG coaching process, the 7P Formula structure, holistic coaching skills, and much more. On top of this they are very experienced ultra runners, as you will see from their bios.

Progress Tracking

We use the latest technologies so your coach has immediate live data about your progress.

Discounted Entry

As an XNRG coaching client, you will also get discounted entry into our events and receive an XNRG Endurance Athlete hoodie.

Regular Contact

We'll have regular (roughly every 10 to 14 days) 1:1 telephone or skype calls to talk through your progress, as well as the ability to communicate at any time via Whatsapp, text or email.

Tailored to you

Our coaches will work on all elements of your preparation. From the minute you sign up, you will know you are being looked after as an individual and that our programme is about the whole you, not just the physical you.

Coaching Toolkit

You will receive our 132 page Coaching Toolkit when you sign up. It'll take you through the whole programme, from your first conversation, the preparation, the training, and the race strategy, to setting your next goal. The Coaching Toolkit is there to enable you and your coach to track and record your progress, learnings and strategies.

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Meet our coaches

Nathan Montague

Nathan is an international ultra distance runner and coach.


Level 2 UKA Endurance Coach, BSC Sports Science, post grad in Physical Education

Event Experience
  • 4 x England National Team vest 100km
  • 1st Place Wild Elephant Trail, Sri Lanka, Multi-day
  • 1st Place KAEM, South Africa, Multi-day
  • 3rd Place Mt. Goaligong Ultra 104 Miles, Tenchong China
  • 2 x National Trail Running Association 1st Place Ridgeway 86miles and previous course record 12hours 13 minutes
  • 1st Place Cotswold 102 Miles and National Trail Record holder
  • Multiple UK course records on multi-day and single stage trail ultras
  • 2 x 4th place National 50km championships
Coaching Experience

10 years coaching and supporting young athletes. Coached multistage and single stage ultra runners to achieve their goals.

Other Info

A secondary school PE teacher

Personal Comment

"While I think running itself stretches our perceived limitations, my own conscious challenge lies with how I cope and balance stretching myself physically within unfamiliar environment both internally and externally. Running makes me a better person."

James Hatton

James is an exciting and engaging coach who will soon be your go to man all the way until your foot is on the start line. A rising British Ultra athlete himself with wins already under his belt, he boasts a fresh approach to Ultra training.

James coaching mantra is ‘work smarter, not harder’ - what is going to have the biggest bang for your buck and why are you doing it? His attention to detail and smart approach to both training and racing ultra marathons allows you to be in the best prepared state come race day.

Combining his background of the latest science in ultra marathons and training principles along with an awareness for simplicity and lifestyle demands, James prides himself on understanding different circumstances and that a one style approach does not fit all. Your training set will always pack purpose and reasoning.

When it comes to race planning, no stones are left unturned. James has a keen eye for detail, and problem solving to ensure every race demand is addressed and planned for prior to race day using a range of physical and mental methods.

Gaining significant coaching experience over the past 5 years across a number of sports, abilities and ages, James understands what it takes to surpass your goals by delivering professional support regardless of where you are looking to finish in the pack. Whether you are working towards your very first Ultra, or competing on the international circuit James has the knowledge and experience to take you there. Let's find the Ultra in you together.


  • MSc Exercise Physiology
  • BSc Sports Science
  • BASES SE Scientist
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 2 Swim teacher
Event Experience
  • 3 x Ultra marathon race finishes and counting… Including: 170km in 22hr 46min, Multi-stage and mountain trail
  • UK Top 10 junior middle distance runner
Personal Comment

“My biggest love of Ultra marathons is that regardless of your ability, everyone is there for the same purpose: to achieve their goal. In that way we are all bonded. I feel so much of Ultra running is translatable to life and I believe it challenges you to better yourself in every aspect of what you do”.

Packages and Pricing

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Sign up to get 50% off the initiation cost & your first 3 months discounted from £160 to just £149.99 a month - a total saving of £80.

Premium coaching package


3 months

(£160 per month, after your first discounted three months with us)

Discounts on XNRG events (worth up to £80)

A hoodie (worth up to £35)

Your personal Coaching Toolkit (priceless!)

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Marathon Des Sables success package


24 weeks

(£51 per week, plus £100 initial setup fee)

Free entry into the Druid's Challenge and Pilgrim Challenge (worth up to £300)

Free entry into our December MDS preparation kit run

An Endurance Athlete hoodie (worth £35)

We can arrange heat chamber training at an additional charge.

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Additional 1:1 face-to-face half day and full day coaching is available for £200 per day.


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