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Succeed in the mountains - free UTMB training guide

If you've entered the ballot for any of the UTMB races, you'll be thinking about your training programme - and we are here to help! Did you know that it's not unusual to see more than 60% of Brits pull out of the UTMB races before the finish line? But this needn't be the case. With the right preparation and training, both mental and physical, making it to celebrate victory at the finish line can be more than just a dream. Ultra endurance athlete and founder of XNRG Neil Thubron has penned this free guide to help anyone who is planning to race in the Alps. We hope you enjoy reading it! Download your free PDF guide here. 

UTMB Seminar - 25th Feb

In addition to the free guide, you can attend our dedicated UTMB seminar, where five seasoned ultra endurance athletes and UTMB experts will impart their knowledge and answer your questions. Find out more about the seminar. 

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