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I am passionate about the Alps and competing in the mountains. I am
also passionate about helping as many people complete their chosen
challenge as possible.

There are many ultra runners who aspire to take part in one of the
UTMB races: the CCC, TDS, or the new OCC; and why not? A week in
Chamonix in August is a great way to spend time. The atmosphere is
electric, everyone you bump into is either doing one of the events, or
has done one of the events; it’s a hub of ultra trail running excitement.

The problem is that so many great athletes from the UK work hard to
collect the points to qualify for their chosen event, go on to make it
through the ballot and then fail to finish.

In fact, over 60% of Brits DNF across the UTMB races in most years,
and In 2016 just 30% of starters finished across all countries.

This guide is written as my opinion, based on many years of being in
the Alps and completing mountain races, to help you achieve this goal.

- Neil Thubron

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