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Pole to Pole Virtual for Humanity Direct (1st - 24th December): a FREE to enter virtual event, raising money for life-changing, life-saving medical treatment for children overseas.

After the huge success  of our virtual events in 2021, including nearly making it all the way from Pole to Pole via Uganda , we've decided to see if we can help Santa travel all the way from the North Pole to the South Pole, this time leading up to Christmas.

We're aiming to cover 18,100 miles and raise £20,000 for Humanity Direct over the course of the event, which runs from December 1st to Christmas Day.


Although we didn't manage to reach the South Pole by Christmas Eve, we have removed the time pressure and we'll get there when we get there!!

Thank you to our wonderful walkers/runners participating - you're all doing a fantastic job and making such a difference to children's lives. Several children's operations are now fully funded. Please keep going!!

Latest results

Everyone who takes part will receive a special Santa buff and a medal showing the distance you covered – 50km, 100kms, 150kms, 200kms or 250 kms.






Enter for FREE and set up a fundraising profile with Humanity Direct or make a one-off donation to their Universal Fund

More Information

Who are Humanity Direct?

XNRG long-standing charity partners, Humanity Direct do amazing work in Uganda and beyond, providing life-saving and life-changing medical support and operations to children in developing countries. All the funds you raise as part of this event will go towards their projects in Uganda, including performing surgery and supporting their ongoing Spectacles for Children programme.

How it works

  • Enter for FREE and set up a fundraising profile with Humanity Direct or make a one-off donation to their Universal Fund
  • Connect your Strava account to your entry profile on UltraBritain (don't worry: you can also enter your mileage manually during the challenge)
  • Line up your shoes / layers / santa suit / best bobble hat for the start of the event on 1st December and challenge your friends to beat your distance (if you're competitive!)
  • GET MOVING! Anything on two legs counts towards the distance. Walking the dog, couch to 5k jogs, training or running an ultra - EVERY MILE COUNTS
  • Check your progress on our live leaderboard. Get your friends and family involved and see who can contribute the most miles!
  • Keep it going until Christmas Day, check in with us on Facebook for photos and social fun, and keep those donations coming
  • Enjoy the big day; we'll send you a special Santa buff and medal (with a 50km, 100km, 150km, 200km or 250km distance ribbon) through the post in the new year.

Here's an idea: why not set up some challenges amongst friends, colleagues or family to see who can clock the most mileage during the 25 days? You'll be able to see your individual progress live on our challenge tracker page.


We've answered a range of common questions about virtual events in our FAQ. For other questions, say hello on

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We can't wait to see you on the challenge tracker! Questions? Say hello on

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