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As we head into the 2nd half of 2014, now is a great time to reflect on what you have achieved so far this year. When you started 2014, what goals did you set ? how are you tracking against those goals ? Are you ahead of where you expected or behind ? If you are ahead do you need to set a bigger goal to keep the momentum going ? If you are behind what action do you need to take to get back on track ? (Don’t lower your goal, increase your action).

Constantly improving is how we grow and develop. To constantly improve we need to be able to reflect on what has gone well, review it, understand why, what have you learned, what could you do differently ?
I was listening to an interview with Johnny Wilkinson this morning, the now retired England Rugby star. He was talking about the fact that he used to do a “Camcorder” review at the end of each day. He would sit down before he went to bed and replay the day as if there was a camcorder on his head. He would review each action and conversation and give it a rating against whether he thought he had done the best in that situation. If he hadn’t he would try to work out what he could have done better and remembered what he needed to do next time.

Imagine you had a camcorder on your head through the whole of the 1st half, what were the bits you were really proud of ? What were the bits you were unhappy about, or wished you had handled differently ? Replay the 6 months in fast time and slow the video over those sections / times or events that you want to review because you did a great job and want to learn why, or did a poor job and also want to learn why.

Taking time to reflect, learn and adjust is one of the most powerful tools available to every single one of us. So why not take the time and use it ?

While you are reflecting I would also encourage you to think about another part of the picture………… which were the actions, situations, conversations or races that you avoided because they were outside of your comfort zone ? Ones that you were nervous or uncomfortable about doing, so you found an excuse not to, or just didn’t take the action you knew you should. You need to be honest with yourself in these situations, because we all do it, consciously or unconsciously, I would just encourage you to be aware of these situations. Next time they come up what will you do ?? Step outside your comfort zone or stay inside ?? If there is a race you keep saying to yourself I really want to do that but I am not ready yet, when will you be ready ? Once you are committed you will find a way so go book it now.

A great youtube clip to get you inspired to step outside your comfort zone.

Have a great week and get yourself set up for an outstanding final 6 months of 2014

All the best……….. Neil………………

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