Covid 19 Policy

Covid 19 Policy

XNRG's Covid 19 Policy

Our current stance, based on the available UK Government guidance and our own preparations.
(Updated 3 August 2020)

In short

  • We're taking steps to make our forthcoming events as safe as possible under the current guidance. If you enter an event, we'll be keeping you informed by email and on this website so you know how to prepare, and what to expect from us
  • Do not attend an event if you or someone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus, are self-isolating or are required to be in quarantine following a trip abroad

Before you arrive:

  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser to our events, and carry it with you, along with a face covering or mask. We'll also have hand santising stations available
  • Race numbers - if the event needs them - will now be posted out before the event
  • Registration won't be available on the day. Instead, we'll have a small info desk to answer any questions at the starting venue
  • We will be operating a limited minibus shuttle service to and from the local train station. You must wear a face covering to use this service.

On the day:

  • We will check your temperature before allowing you onto the event site
  • You may be required to wear a face covering when indoors – so remember to pack one!
  • Bag drop will still be available (at your own risk) but we'd encourage leaving bags in cars or with supporters where possible
  • Pre and post-race refreshments will be available, but will be limited to hot drinks (and individually packaged biscuits at the finish)
  • We will have check points with individually packaged snacks, but it will be limited and not our usual buffet! You may wish to carry additional food
  • Bring your own cup for drinks at check points
  • There won't be a start line briefing - you'll be sent one to watch before you arrive
  • There won't be mass starts - expect to be issued a small group start time (where you'll gather, appropriately distanced), before being released individually
  • There may be some route changes, depending on whether we spot anything that needs to change in our risk assessments
  • Medical support will be on site and available throughout the event

Our Covid-19 event harm reduction measures - full policy

We take safety seriously at our events, and the information below is taken from our Standard Operating Procedures:

Responsible staff member: Event Director

Preparation (what we'll do before an event):

  • The Event Director will appoint a member of the event crew as a ‘COVID-19 Officer’, responsible for pre-event risk assessment and during event adherence with the procedures outlined here
  • A venue assessment to determine suitability to host the event under the procedures outlined below
  • A route assessment to determine suitability to host the event under the procedures outlined below
  • Participants to be informed of the procedures and practice in place for the event (by website information, emails and social media)
  • Contractors, staff and volunteers to be informed of the procedures and practice in place for the event (by the Event Director or his/her nominee)
  • A suitably trained and equipped medic/medical team will be on site
  • First aid kit, sufficient PPE and cleaning materials to be available on site
  • Event medical team to inform the local ambulance service of the event and their contact details

NOTE: These procedures are based on UK Government advice at the time of the event regarding minimising the risk of spreading and catching coronavirus.

It is our intention that our procedures support a hygenic environment, with appropriate social distancing and minimising physical contact between people, materials and structures.

Pre-event information about Covid-19 (how we'll keep you informed before you arrive):

  • Information will be made available to participants via the website, and through direct communication, of the measures we are taking at events to minimise the risk of spreading and catching coronavirus. 
  • Participants will be reminded not to attend an event if they or someone in their household have symptoms of coronavirus, is self-isolating or is required to be in quarantine following a trip abroad
  • Participants and crew will be told to bring and carry their own bottle of hand sanitiser and to carry a face covering or mask at all times.
  • Pre event information will include a warning that failing to comply with our harm reduction measures may result in a person being required to leave the event.

Race numbers

If the event requires race numbers, they will be posted out before the event date.


  • The event risk assessment will determine what additional measures are required to meet the minimum standard, such as one-way routes, tape marking to highlight distance, signs, limiting numbers in buildings, etc
  • Participants and crew may be required to wear a face covering whilst indoors
  • The venue management will confirm what cleaning measures have been implemented prior to site hire
  • Signs will be displayed to remind everyone of the need to socially distance and use the hand sanitising materials available
  • ‘Hand sanitiser stations’ will be present for participants' use
  • The designated ‘Covid-19’ officer in our crew will mark the sign/venue as necessary to assist in social distancing, e.g. lines in front of any desks to enforce social distancing while queuing
  • A suitably trained and equipped medic/medical team will be on site
  • The Covid-19 officer will confirm the measures on the day are in accordance with the risk assessment and monitor that they are being adhered to by everyone there
  • The Covid-19 officer will draw on the advice of the medical team as necessary to achieve as safe an environment as possible.

Minibus shuttles

Minibus shuttles will operate with a limited capacity of driver plus 4 passengers. Everyone on board will wear a face covering. Where possible, please drive to and from the event.

Arriving at the event

  • A common symptom of coronavirus is having a temperature above 37.8oC. Crew and participants will be directed through a screening point for a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5oC or above will be taken aside for further investigation before being allowed to enter. Anyone with a temperature of 38oC or above will be refused entry - and anyone who has travelled to the event with that person will be reviewed
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be found across the site, including at the entrance, for everyone to regularly clean their hands.

PPE for our crew

Gloves, face coverings and hand sanitiser will be available on site for all crew. On arrival, crew will be:

  • Subjected to a temperature check by the medic team
  • Issued with hand sanitiser
  • Issued with gloves that should be worn when handling food, and on other occasions as necessary (wearing gloves all the time can lead to poor hand hygiene, meaning any ‘infection’ can be passed from item to item)
  • Issued with a face covering to wear that should be worn when circumstances dictate that they will be in close proximity to any other person
  • Crew may share vehicles to reach check points, and face coverings should be worn when doing so.

Information desk

There won’t be any registration on the day. An information desk will be staffed for any queries.

Bag drop

Participants are encouraged to leave bags in their vehicles. A limited area will be allocated for bag drop (at the participants own risk).

Toilets and changing

  • Toilets and changing areas will be monitored for compliance with social distancing
  • Users may be required to wear face coverings 
  • Users must sanitise their hands before entering toilets and changing areas
  • Toilets must be flushed with the lid down – signs encouraging this will be placed in cubicles 
  • Toilets will be cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning materials after the start, before participants return.

Pre and post race refreshments

  • Water barrels will be available for participants to fill bottles – after sanitising their hands
  • A pre race cafe will be available - hot drinks only - served across a barrier
  • A post race cafe will also be available, serving hot drinks and biscuits (individually packaged)


There will not be a briefing on the day; participants will have access to an online briefing before the event.

Start times

There will not be any ‘mass starts’. Participants will be pre-allocated a ‘group start time’ (e.g. between 0800 and 0900), be instructed to assemble in a location – appropriately distanced - and then called forward and set off individually at brief intervals.

The route

The route will be reviewed pre-event and assessed whether there are pinch points that compromise social distancing, particularly where walkers, etc may be encountered. Options include deploying a marshal deployment to ensure distancing or amending the route.

Check points

Crew will be present at checkpoints to monitor and assist participants, without offering ‘hands on’ support, and:

  • Participants (including crew) must maintain social distancing at the check point
  • A queue system may have to be adopted if busy
  • Participants must use hand sanitiser before touching anything at a check point
  • Participants will refill their own bottles
  • No cups will be used – participants must bring their own
  • There will be individually packaged snacks, but it will be limited and not the usual buffet. Participants will be advised to carry additional food.

Medical aid

Separate SOPs outline action required in medical incidents. Where a person is at risk of harm and requires medical assistance, social distancing may be compromised to deliver it.

Recovery from the course

  • Any person withdrawing should be recovered in a minibus where possible, as such vehicles afford greater opportunities to maintain an appropriate distance
  • If a participant is withdrawing due to injury, the advice of the medical director should be sought as to the most appropriate form of transport

At the finish

  • No shaking hands of finishers
  • Medals put on a table for finishers to help themselves

Trophies and prizes

To reduce numbers gathered on site, there will not be a prizegiving ceremony, and any trophies and prizes will be posted out to recipients after the event.

Post Event

Any participant or crewmember who falls ill with coronavirus shortly after the event should notify XNRG. Details of persons present at the event may be passed to the NHS ‘Test and Trace Service’.

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