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XNRG's Covid 19 Plan - Amersham Ultra - 5th March 2022

The fluid situation with regards to the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases within the UK means that this document by necessity will be subject to regular review. We monitor Govt advice and aim to implement reasonable practical measures to help to keep all at our events as safe as we can. Whilst noting that Covid 19 cases are still high within the community, the UK Govt has removed domestic restrictions in England from the 24th of February 2022.

Before the event

  • Participants, crew and supporters must not attend an event if they have symptoms of coronavirus, or are self-isolating
  • We would encourage participants and crew to  be ‘double vaccinated’
  • We ask that participants carry a personal hand sanitiser and a mask.
  • It is assumed that persons attending the event understand that at times they will be in close proximity to other people.

At the event

  • A member of the event crew will be designated to monitor arrangements to make the event as ‘covid safe’ as practicable and will make interventions as necessary to ensure compliance.
  • Medical crew will be present throughout the event, and may advise the Race Director to implement additional measures as necessary.
  • The medical crew will have the capability to conduct lateral flow tests and/or a temperature check on any person at the event should they deem it to be necessary to do so. Failing a test or a temperature of 37.5C or above will require the individual to leave the event (and anyone travelling with them).
  • When in a crowded environment such as in the registration area or when travelling in an event vehicle, people should consider wearing a mask.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available on site for use.
  • Social distancing should be respected and any event set up indoors will allow this to be maintained to the best of our ability e.g. positioning of the information desk.

At the start

Participants should assemble – distanced – on the large open area near the start arch at the time window they have been pre-allocated and wait to be directed by crew through the start, when their race time will commence. Participants generally fall into three groups – walkers, runners, fast runners and the rolling start (approx 2 persons per minute) will aim to start people in that group order. Fast runners will go off last together as a group, as they are fewer in number.

Check points

  • Check points are outdoors, and if it is felt by crew that they are too crowded they may limit access and ask people to wait for a space at the food table
  • Check point food is generally packaged or presented in individual portions.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at check points and we encourage participants to use it on arrival before getting food and drinks.
  • Crew at check points may wear masks if they wish to do so and should regularly sanitise their hands.

Recovery in a vehicle

If a participant has to be recovered from the course and returned to the event start all occupants of the vehicle may be asked to wear a mask. The advice of the medical team may be sought as to the suitability of a vehicle.

At the finish

T shirts and medals will be available at the finish and the race director will hold a prize ceremony.

Medical aid

Separate SOPs outline action required in medical incidents. Where a person is at risk of harm and requires medical assistance, social distancing may be compromised to deliver it. The advice of the medical director will be sought in determining the most suitable vehicle to recover an injured participant from the course.

Post event

Any participant or crewmember who falls ill with coronavirus shortly after the event should notify XNRG. Details of persons present at the event may be passed to the NHS ‘Track and Trace Service’.


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