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The constantly changing situation with regards to the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases within the UK and the associated restrictions in force across England means that this document by necessity will be generic in nature, and then once an event is confirmed as going ahead a detailed ‘COVID-secure’ plan for that event will be drawn up and published for the information of participants.

The plan will outline how the event will run on the day.

A link to the latest Government advice is here


In short:

  • We aim to make our forthcoming events as safe as possible in line with the current guidance. If you enter an event, we'll keep you informed by email and on this website so you know how to prepare, and what to expect from us.
  • Do not attend an event if you or someone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus, are self-isolating or are required to be in quarantine following a trip abroad.
  • We will manage the event on the day in a practical way that allows participants to enjoy the experience as safely as possible – in turn we expect participants to conduct themselves responsibly at all times.

Before the event

We will:

  • Appoint a member of staff to prepare a COVID-secure plan for the event and be responsible for its implementation
  • Take account in our plan of the latest Government advice regarding COVID 19 and organising events
  • Assess any venue to be used and determine what additional safety measures are necessary
  • Assess the route for its suitability and adjust as necessary if there are locations that could cause ‘pinch points’ with other path users
  • Consult our medical team over our COVID-secure plans
  • Inform participants and crew in advance of the arrangements for the day

On the day

Our operational plan will explain the detail of how the event will run, and we may:

  • Require everyone attending the event to pass a temperature check before being allowed on site
  • Require everyone to carry a face covering and hand sanitiser
  • Require everyone to wear a face covering when in any confined area such as a vehicle or building
  • Restrict the numbers that can be carried in any vehicle
  • Request that you arrive ‘race ready’
  • Ask that you leave any personal belongings in your vehicle
  • Implement one way movement in buildings, prevent access to changing rooms (there will always be access to toilets) and limit numbers indoors at any one time
  • Implement additional cleaning sessions, in conjunction with the venue’s staff
  • Designate an area where participants can gather at an appropriate distance before the start
  • Have a rolling start over three hours, rather than mass starts
  • Implement controls at check points that maintain distancing and reduce the opportunities of ‘cross contamination’ of equipment and food packaging
  • Dispense with any award ceremonies post event

Food and drink

At the start – water butts will be available for participants use.

During the event – checkpoints will be ‘self serve’ under the control and direction of event crew.

At the finish – hot drinks and snacks will be available under the control and direction of event crew.

Medals and trophies

Medals will be at the finish for participants to collect and prizes may be posted to category winners. The decision to hold a prize ceremony will be determined by the restrictions in place at the time.

Medical aid

Separate SOPs outline action required in medical incidents. Where a person is at risk of harm and requires medical assistance, social distancing may be compromised to deliver it. The advice of the medical director will be sought in determining the most suitable vehicle to recover an injured participant from the course.

Post event

Any participant or crew member who falls ill with coronavirus shortly after the event should notify XNRG. Details of persons present at the event may be passed to the NHS ‘Test and Trace Service’.


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