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Outward Bounds Team building Day


The Ilkley Challenge is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Team building outdoors
  • Challenge the participants in an outdoor environment taking them out of their comfort zone and challenging their thinking
  • Have loads of fun

This will be achieved through the following approach:

  • Various team physical and mental challenges
  • Walking and orienteering across Ilkley Moor covering approximately 6 miles

The event will be structured so that it is “competitive” with team sizes of 4 or 5. I would suggest a maximum of 4 teams of 5 so 20 people.

The agenda for the day would look something like this:

  • 0900 - Meet at the Cow and Calf Car Park
  • 0915 – Briefing
  • 0930 – Start event – some teams will start on team tasks some will start walking and orienteering
  • 1030 – Teams who started on tasks will start on the walking and orienteering
  • 1230 – Teams who started walking and orienteering will start their tasks
  • 1330 – All teams back for lunch at the Cow and Calf Inn
  • 1430 - Depart

Extreme Energy have organised for companies and charities several outdoor “team building” activity days.

Please join us for a fun, challenging outdoor day on Ilkley Moor. The day will be run by ex British Army Officer Neil Thubron. Your thinking will be challenged, you will take part in team building tasks and will explore Ilkley Moor orienteering on foot. The day will start at 0900 and will conclude with lunch at 1330 in a local restaurant.

More Information

To discuss in more detail how we can build a fantastic day for your team please contact Neil on
+44(0)7801244628 or email