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Mission Oxidental Team Building Day

Mission Oxidental – 1st Set of Instructions

You are an elite team of espionage specialists from the land of Saltairistan. You are being dropped into the foreign land of Skiptonia. The Skiptonian’s are a strange but not hostile populace, and the relations between Saltairistan and Skiptonia are cordial but fragile. Tension is rising between the 2 nations over a trade deal, linked to a herd of sheep, that turned sour.

Skiptonia is ruled by an evil Bishop Henry Packard who rules his people with an iron fist and who hates anything Saltairistan with a passion, since his wife ran off with the ruler of Saltairistan, The Right Honourable James Hartless.

In anticipation of possible hostile action in the coming months you are being sent in to gather information about the areas, the population, the transportation systems and any other useful information.

If you encounter any of the population you should treat them in a friendly way, however be cautious and do not share any information with them

There are people in Skiptonia who are supportive of the Saltairistan cause. These people are agents and should only be approached if instructed, and they will only approach you if instructed.

You may see other elite teams from Saltairistan in the area. If you do, you should not approach or discuss your mission with them. You should act as if you do not know them and carry on with your own mission.

You will be dropping into Skiptonia in the dark. You will need to get your whole team, by what ever means you can,  to your first Rendez Vous (RV) between 1115 – 1145 – the RV grid reference is SE006533 – Embsay Station.  The agent will only be here for this period of time. When you get to the RV the agent will be found by approaching the booth marked tickets and giving the password “dwarf”. Follow the agents instructions.

You will earn 100 points for getting to the station and meeting the agent on time. For every minute after 1145 that you arrive at the RV you will lose 10 points.


  • Always stay together as a team
  • Be cautious when crossing or walking on roads use the yellow bib in your packs on the back person.
  • If anyone is injured or hurt, try to get to a road and call HQ. If it is very serious call the ambulance services first, then call HQ.
  • Be aware of other footpath or bridleway users

HQ contact details: 07801244628 or 07793781499

Mission Oxidental – 2nd Set of Instructions

You are to catch the 1200 train from Embsay to Bolton Abbey.

Tickets enclosed.

There is a stately train that runs on certain days in August. This train normally has the evil Bishop Henry Packard on board going to his stately Abbey at Bolton.

Enroute your task is to gather as much information as possible to be able to build a plan to either hijack or sabotage the train.

You will be asked as a team to share your plans with other teams when you are debriefed later on in the day.

You may want to think about how many staff there are on board, possible sabotage points enroute, are there staff you could befriend to help you ? A creative plan will earn most points.

On arrival at Bolton Abbey Station you should meet the next agent who will again be at the ticket office. Password – “giant”. Follow the instructions you are given.

Mission Oxidental – 3rd Set of Instructions

You are to follow the enclosed map to the next RV.

Enroute you should consider the answers to the following scenario as a test of your skills in survival.

You will be required to submit your answers to the agents at the next RV.

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