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Empowering you to reach your ultra-running dream

Introducing XNRG's ultra running coaches

The culmination of nine years of organising multi and single stage ultra events

We realised this year that there were three common issues that needed solving:

  1. More and more people are coming into ultra running with their sights set on a big event or significant challenge
  2. Demand for coaching to achieve these aspirations was outstripping what was available on the market
  3. The coaching that was available was typically built around training elite athletes, rather than encompassing the whole field.

XNRG coaching toolkit

Neil Thubron, XNRG's founder, has been working in the world of business and personal coaching for many years. After XNRG's UTMB Seminar in February this year, he decided to take his experience of enabling people to achieve big goals in other parts of their lives - as well as achieving big physical goals himself - to develop a methodology to support ultra runners.

We've developed our coaching programme closely with Andy Mouncey (our new head coach) - one of the most experienced ultra running coaches in the UK. With nearly 20 years of experience, Andy has helped nearly 1,000 people reach success in a wide range of challenges from the Marathon des Sables, UTMB and Lakeland 100, to conquering their first ultramarathon.

The programme takes a holistic approach to achieving a dream. Our goal is always to get our clients right through to the finish line - not just to the start. As a result, we'll take all aspects of preparation and race strategy, physically and mentally, into account. This is pulled together into the 'coaching toolkit' book that you'll get after signing up. The toolkit is designed to take you through the programme from the start of your journey, planning and recording the activity, to the event strategy, and, ultimately, your success.

Is it for me?

XNRG coaching is aimed at anyone with an ultra running dream - from elite athletes, middle-field runners, or those just looking to finish an ultra event. Our 12 week packages are completely inclusive. We also have specific coaching packages to empower those looking to take on the Marathon des Sables - and we will soon be running something similar in preparation for UTMB 2018.

Who are the coaches?

We take pride in the quality of our coaching team. You've come to expect high quality from XNRG, and our coaching programmes continue that experience. All our coaches are UKA qualified and have been through our XNRG coaching 'boot camp', and are all experienced ultra runners in their own right.

XNRG coaches

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