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Running the North Down's Way XNRG Pilgrim's Challenge


Postcard-Britain! The 66 mile race course took me from Farnham over the very pretty & snow-covered North Downs, until the snow subsided and was replaced by mud, past Box Hill until Redhill and back the next day. This post is about the madness that is required to enjoy such an adventure, and the odd things that you might encounter.

Sane or insane

- He: “How many of you are insane?”

Many hands showing.

- He: “How many of you are sane?”

Very few hands showing.

- He: “How many don’t know?”

A few hands showing.

- He: “You’re all insane.”

That’s about the words given by to us the farm owner who kindly permits the race organisers and the runners every year to start on his property. I guess we take it as a compliment. But at the same time, I feel that these words capture some of the essence of ultra-running─running for pretty much no other purpose of running.

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