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XNRG 2022 events now open for booking!

Our FIRST virtual Humanity Direct ultra kicks off on 1st July, and in some style - together, we'll be aiming to cover 6,318 miles (the distance between the start line of the cancelled Chiltern Challenge and Kampala, Uganda) as a community, AND raise £10,000 for Humanity Direct...

Interested? It's FREE to enter >

We know you might have some questions about connecting to Strava, fundraising, and tracking results. To help, we've put together some FAQs:

Taking part in the event

How do I check if I'm already connected to Strava?

You might have connected to Strava when you registered for the event.

To check, log in to UltraBritain (the booking system), click on Personal Details, then click the 'sharing' icon tab, on which you'll see Social and Training Service Connections. Under that, you'll find your Strava connection status (either Connected or Not Connected). If you're Connected, great - you don't need to do anything between now and 1st July! If it says Not Connected, you'll need to follow the connection instructions below...

How do I connect to Strava?

  1. Log in to UltraBritain
  2. Head to Personal Details
  3. Click on the 'sharing' icon tab to open Social and Training Serrvice Connections
  4. You'll see your Strava connection status
  5. Click on the orange Strava logo to head to Strava
  6. Once you've logged in (which may be automatic on mobile), you'll see an authorisation box asking if you're happy to link your UltraBritain account to Strava
  7. Hit authorise and you should be taken back to your UltraBritain account, where the connection status will now show as Connected.

I don't have a Strava account - how do I sign up?

You can set up a FREE Strava account in minutes from your UltraBritain account settings:

  1. Log in to UltraBritain
  2. Head to Personal Details
  3. Click the 'sharing' icon to open Social and Training Service Connections
  4. You'll see your Strava connection status (which should say Not Connected if you don't have a Strava account!)
  5. Click the orange Strava logo to head over to Strava
  6. Choose the option to Sign Up and follow the steps to create your FREE account
  7. After completing sign up, you should be sent to an authorisation page to allow Strava and UltraBritain to connect. If not, you'll just need to manually head back to your UltraBritain account, then follow the steps to connect to Strava above, logging in with your new account details.

What do I need to do on 1st July - how do I track a walk or run on Strava?

So, you're connected to Strava through the booking system, and you've ready and raring to go! For your walks or runs to count between 1st and 11th July to our grand total, you'll need to track them using Strava - more info here. That's it! Check our challenge tracker to see the results pour in (and keep tabs on friends, family and colleagues!)

What activities count towards the challenge total?

'Runs' or 'walks' count towards our challenge total, when tracked through Strava. It doesn't matter how long or fast they are - a quick walk to the shops counts just as much as someone running an ultra distance during the challenge period. Public or private on Strava; they all count. Just nothing involving wheels or water!

Who can take part?

ANYONE. If you can walk, jog or run one mile or 100, we need you! A community challenge like this is perfect for anyone wanting to push themselves towards a certain distance for the 11 days (you can set a target during registration), or just use your daily exercise for something amazing. So far, we've got someone committed to running 400 epic miles, as well as a four year old who'll be out walking with her family! IT ALL COUNTS.



How do I fundraise?

Help us reach our £10,000 fundraising target for Humanity Direct, where every penny will go towards changing the lives of kids in developing countries like Uganda by funding vital medical care. Find out more about Humanity Direct's amazing work, and see a run-down of how our HD single-day series has made an impact so far >

Although the Run to Uganda is FREE to enter, we encourage one-off donations as part of registration. You can also register with Humanity Direct to build a fundraising profile to collect sponsorship, or make further donations to their amazing work >

How do I set up a fundraising page with Humanity Direct?

Visit Humanity Direct to create your page now and start sharing to collect sponsorship! Or you can make one-off donations to their Universal Fund >

Where will the donations go?

We're doing this community challenge because we can't put on our usual Chiltern Challenge single-day ultra during the Coronavirus pandemic. This virtual will raise vital funds for Humanity Direct's work in Uganda and other developing countries, where they fund life-saving and life-changing children's medical care. Find out more about what they do - and meet some of the patients we're funding >

Are there medals / t-shirts / merch?

Unlike a lot of virtual challenges, we won't be providing finisher's medals, t-shirts, or other merch. That's because we want every penny to go towards the amazing work of Humanity Direct, funding as many child patients as possible from this challenge! We hope you'll understand why we've decided to forgo merch, and join us on our epic journey, without the lure of some finishing bling. Together, we're accomplishing something AMAZING.


During the challenge

How do I keep track of progress?

You'll be able to see our collective and individual mileage (and where that puts us on the map!) on our LIVE challenge tracker during the event. We'd also love to see your run pics, virtual start and finish lines, supporters, and race prep flat lays over on our social media channels - tag us using #runtouganda #R2U and #XNRG.

I've got a cool story about taking part / how do I get a shout-out on social media?

We'd love to hear how and why you're taking part in the Run to Uganda. Perhaps it'll mark your first ultra distance / marathon / half / 10k / 5k / or you're even running your first mile with us. Maybe you've roped the kids and the grandparents into the challenge. We'd love to hear more. Tag us using #runtouganda #R2U and #XNRG on social media or drop us a line on Also, if you've got a fundraising profile set up, tag us in a post with the link for a shout-out on social media!

Something's wrong with connecting to Strava / I don't want to set up a free Strava account

Drop us a line on and we'll do our best to help. It can take up to 24 hours for your Strava activities to appear on our challenge tracker. We can also manually add your mileage if you don't want to use Strava - just email and we'll sort it out.

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