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If it's your first time at the Marathon Des Sables, the chances are, you'll have a lot of questions. Thing is, when it comes to the MDS, you'll hear as many different opinions as you'll have questions, which can be all rather too confusing.

Free Marathon Des Sables training guide

To help, XNRG founder Neil has put together some top tips covering everything from weight to what to wear on your feet of an evening. Along with that all important question, to boiler suit or not to boiler suit? To download the completely free guide click here - happy reading!

There is a special discounted package available for those preparing for the MDS. The package includes two great multi-day races and a kit training run. Six days of running in total, inspiring speakers and an amazing opportunity to test out your kit and meet other MDS runners. Simply put, you do the running and we will do the rest! To book and find out more click here.

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