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Planning your first Ultra Marathon? We'll help you reach your goal!

Run your first ultra marathon

If you’re a runner but haven’t yet gone over the 26.2 mile marathon marker, the idea of running your first ultra marathon can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. The thing is, becoming an ultra marathon runner need not be scary. So much of it is mental, in fact many runners will attest that it’s far more mental than physical. 

So, what does it take to be an ultra marathon runner? Simply put, it takes the desire. Once you have your want, you will find a way. And it’s not so scary once you begin. We’ve got a comprehensive guide coming your way next week, so sign up via the homepage to be the first to hear about it. In the meantime, read on for a brief overview of our first ultra tips and latest events.

Anyone Can Be an Ultra Runner with XNRG

XNRG have two 50k one day events coming up in 2017, perfect for first timers going over the marathon distance. But you don’t have to pick a one day race, we also have several multi-days in stunning locations, and you are welcome to come along to just one day of these. 

Our One Day Ultra Marathons

The XNRG one day 50k events are fully supported, and the routes are fully recced by our race director Neil Thubron. There are feed stations along the route with refreshments and sweet and savoury snacks for you to fill up with along the way. The Tring Ultra is on the 23rd September 2017 whilst the Chiltern Challenge takes place earlier in the year on 15th July. The Tring race is for an amazing charity, so you can donate money instead of paying an entry fee. Find out more here.

Join us For One Day of our Multi Day Events

Our Multi Days are the races that run over two or three days. They are perfect for anyone looking to prepare for ultras on consecutive days, such as the classic Marathon Des Sables race across the Sahara desert, or the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc, the pinnacle event of ultra running, held every summer in the Alps.

But you don’t have to be a Multi Day runner to come along, one day entrants are welcome too! You’ll get the same great support, enjoy one day of the beautiful routes on the UK’s best national trails and you’ll get a feel for the muti-day running events in case you ever fancy stepping it up in the future. 

You can join us for one day of the South Down’s Way Devils’ Challenge, the Isle of Wight Round the Island Challenge, the Pony Express in the New Forest or the Druid’s Challenge in Autumn. Find out more about these events here. 

All of our events are suitable for first timers, and you are welcome to take as long as you need – there is no cut off time so walkers, joggers and runners are welcome alike.

Plus, every first-time Ultra finisher gets a medal, t-shirt and certificate to mark the occasion.

Check out the full list of events here.

If you have any questions about our events, say hello on Facebook or Twitter. We look forward to welcoming you to your first ultra marathon and seeing you over the line!


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