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Long distance running is on the up. ‘Going long’ is fantastic for both body and mind, facilitating not only the longer cardio benefits, but providing an increasingly rare opportunity to connect in with ourselves, and perhaps more importantly, with nature. But ultra running can sound a bit scary if you haven’t done it before. Here's why with XNRG, you too, can go long.

Could you go long? You do the running - we do the rest.

Many report that long distance running is like a kind of meditation, where the combination of physical action, rhythmic breathing, mental focus and nature become one. Simply, it’s like finding your ‘flow', a rare treat these days.

If you haven't gone long before it can sound a bit daunting, yet like so much in life, the idea is often far worse than the reality; which turns out to be rewarding, confidence-building, and moreover — a way to meet brilliant people and get stronger and fitter in the process! But it’s important to give yourself the best chance of success for your first time - which is why we believe that you should have the opportunity to focus only on the running, whilst we take care of everything else. 

If you are an ‘ultra virgin’, being fully-supported enables you to simply focus on running.

We go the extra mile, (scuse the pun). We have it all covered. The authentic feedback we get is that people love our ultra events because we look after our participants from the moment they arrive to the moment they go home. You think of it, we've got it covered. Food, accommodation, feed-stations, showers, massages, prizes, motivational talks, cake and tea, and a highly experienced ultra-running team behind the scenes - perfect for your first ultra. So with XNRG, not only can you go long, you'll love it too.

You do the running — we do the rest. Check out our races here and be a part of it!

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