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The Pony Express

Well, that was my 3rd Pony Express and it did not fail to impress. I love these events, as it is like a weekend away with friends – oh, and a bit of running too.

The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was buzzing as we all got ready for the off. Right from the start we could see that the course was so well marked by XNRG that we were not going to get lost. The checkpoints came and went, with the usual friendly encouragement and nourishment to keep us going to the next checkpoint. The miles flew by (even at my pace) as the company and the scenery took over. I rarely find myself wanting the finish to come quicker at XNRG events, as it is just so good to be out there.

Day one finished with the usual congratulations all round, and that well-earned tea and cake. Then a refreshing shower, placing of beds and as much food as you can eat!

After a reasonable night’s sleep (some people sleep really well – proved by the snoring), and a fantastic cooked breakfast (even for a veggie), we were off again for round two.  I have to say I feel the scenery is even better on day two – more varied than day one, and the weather was perfect again.

I could go on, in fact I am famous for it, but basically I want you to know that if you fancy something a bit different, and a bit of a challenge to go with it, then an XNRG event could be for you. You will be welcomed, well looked after and feel a great sense of achievement as you cross the finishing line, whether you opt for the full challenge or part of it (one, two or three days depending on the event).

I am very disappointed that I am unable to take part in the ‘Round the Island’ challenge on the Isle of Wight on the 1st and 2nd June this year. I did it last year and loved it. I remember the incredible feeling I had as I approached the finish on day one, then the pure beauty of the place as I set off on day two. To run/walk round the whole Island in two days is no mean feat, and the scenery along the way is stunning. I highly recommend this event whether you wish to ‘compete’ or take the more leisurely approach – I wish I could be there.

Don’t be shy – get your next event booked up – you will not regret it!

Carol Ann Plater

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