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XNRG Ultra Running Coaching

"We enable people to achieve their dreams"

Our focus is to get you to the start line healthy, race ready, with a plan to enjoy the experience and get the result you want. 

Our coaches can help you get more from your training and racing - whatever your level

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Why Hire a Coach?

You have a big goal you want to achieve but not sure how to get there…………………..like your 1st Ultra, your 1st 100 miler, the Marathon Des Sables, the UTMB etc

You’re stuck ……………… You’re just starting out ……………….You’re cruising and feel bored

You want to make a breakthrough……………..You want to step up and achieve something new

You hire a coach because you want to go places – and you know it’ll be easier, faster (and more fun) with help and support.

Simply put the reason for hiring a coach is to give you the best chance to achieve your big goal.

XNRG ultra run coaching has been developed to enable more people to achieve their ultra running goals and dreams. We have designed the coaching programme around everything that is required to achieve your goal. This means we work with you to produce much more than a training programme. ot just the physical preparation, utilising the 7 P formula to achieve any big goal developed by XNRG founder Neil Thubron after he won the 300 mile Yukon Arctic Ultra.

The 7 P Formula To Achieve Any Big Goal:

The 7 Ps

Purpose – Be clear on your reasons why
Prepare – Specific and thorough preparation
Plan – Build a detailed plan to get you to the start line and a strategy for the event
Pledge – the commitment you will make to yourself
Perception – strategies for adapting the plan during the race
Pain – pre planned strategies for handling the tough times
Persistence – keeping focused on the end goal


A coach is an enabler that has tools, techniques, experience and skills to help you prepare physically, mentally and technically for your big goal. Your coach will work with your specifically. They will develop programmes relevant to you (not vanilla programmes that get rolled out to everyone). They will look at the “whole you” to give you more chance of success. They will challenge and push you, they will support you and they will spend time working on every element that gives you the best chance of success.

What one of our coachees thought:

Our coaches:


Andy Mouncey


Susie Chan


Nathan Montague


Andy Stewart

Why an XNRG Coach?

Our coaches have one goal. To work with you to help you achieve your ultra running dream.

All our coaches are UKA qualified and have been through XNRG Coach Training. This training takes them through the XNRG coaching process, the 7P Formula structure, holistic coaching skills and much more. On top of this they are all very experienced ultra runners, as you will see from their bios.

Our coaches will work on all elements of your preparation. From the minute you sign up you will know you are being looked after as an individual and that our programme is about the whole you, not just the physical you.

We have developed a “Coaching Toolkit” book which you will be sent when you sign up that will take you through the whole programme, from your first conversation, the preparation, the training, the race strategy to setting you next goal. The “Coaching Toolkit” is there to enable you and your coach to track and record your progress, learnings and strategies.

We utilise latest technologies so that your coach has immediate live data about your progress.

We have regular (10 day to 14 day periods) 1:1 telephone or skype calls to talk through your progress and any time contact through Whatsapp, SMS, email etc.

As an XNRG coaching client you will also get discounted entry into our events and receive an XNRG Endurance Athlete hoodie.

Our Coaches

Andy Mouncey

Andy Mouncey

Andy practices what he preaches and very definitely walks the talk. He is also a published author, writes regularly for a number of publications and is one of the leading thinkers on high performance – working as he does in sport, education and the corporate world.

In 2003 Andy said goodbye to 17 years in triathlon by setting record stage times for the Enduroman Arch To Arc Challenge: A 300 mile solo triathlon linking London & Paris via an English Channel swim www.enduroman.com

Since then he’s been into his ultrarunning and has, among his race resume, two second places at the UK’s premier trail 100 miler then Montane Lakeland 100.

Andy therefore brings a multi-facetted perspective to his training and coaching. His is a powerful mix of humour, experience, penetrating insight and a skill in getting to the heart of the problem quickly and making the complex seems simple. We are very proud to have him as part of our team. He is married and lives with his family in the north of England. Keep upto date with Andy’s latest blog at http://www.bigandscaryrunning.com/blog/4584755693 and find out more at his website www.bigandscaryrunning.com

Susie Chan

Susie Chan
Qualifications UKA Qualified Coach
Event Experience

Numerous single and multistage ultras including:

  • Marathon Des Sables 3 times (elite finisher)
  • Jungle Marathon
  • Coastal Marathon Costa Rica
  • Ring of Fire
  • Thames Path 100
  • Autumn 100
Coaching Experience Coach for couch to 5km, informal coaching to friends for multi and single stage ultras, now stepping into professional coaching
Other Info Completed the 6 Major City Marathons, 12 hour treadmill record holder
Personal Comment "For me, running does not have to be all about the times. It's about your attitude and staying positive and keeping your head in check. To be able to enjoy a race or running is the most important thing to me."

Nathan Montague

Nathan Montague
Qualifications Level 2 UKA Endurance Coach, BSC Sports Science, post grad in Physical Education
Event Experience
  • 4 x England National Team vest 100km
  • 1st Place Wild Elephant Trail, Sri Lanka, Multi-day
  • 1st Place KAEM, South Africa, Multi-day
  • 3rd Place Mt. Goaligong Ultra 104 Miles, Tenchong China
  • 2 x National Trail Running Association 1st Place Ridgeway 86miles and previous course record 12hours 13 minutes
  • 1st Place Cotswold 102 Miles and National Trail Record holder
  • Multiple UK course records on multi-day and single stage trail ultras
  • 2 x 4th place National 50km championships
Coaching Experience 10 years coaching and supporting young athletes. Coached multistage and single stage ultra runners to achieve their goals.
Other Info A secondary school PE teacher
Personal Comment "While I think running itself stretches our perceived limitations, my own conscious challenge lies with how I cope and balance stretching myself physically within unfamiliar environment both internally and externally. Running makes me a better person."

Andy Stewart

Andy Stewart
Qualifications UKA Qualified Coach
Event Experience
  • Ring of Fire
  • Thames Path 100
  • South Downs Way 100
  • Marathon Des Sables
Coaching Experience

Coaching Experience: I have coached people to success in business over the last thirty years and have coached friends to achieve single stage and multistage success

Other Info Fluent French speaker
Personal Comment

I believe ultra-life is a sine curve (www.lifeisasinecurve.com) from training through to racing; how to prepare for and deal with all of the highs and lows can help empower athletes/you! to achieve your big goals, to complete your big event, and help to cement your self-belief in achieving future goals.

Packages and Prices

Premium Coaching Package


12 weeks

£40 a week plus a £100 initial set up fee


Discount to XNRG events worth up to £80

A hoodie worth £35


1:1 face to face ½ day and full day coaching is available at £200 a day

Marathon Des Sables Success Package


24 weeks

£51 a week plus a £100 initial set up fee


Free entry into the Druid Challenge and Pilgrim Challenge worth £300

Free entry into the December MDS preparation kit run

An Endurance Athlete hoodie worth £35


We can arrange heat chamber training at an additional charge

1:1 face to face ½ day and full day coaching is available at £200 a day

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